Images can enchant us. Words can carry us away. By exchanging our thoughts, with a few lines or strokes of the pen, we unhinge the world, shift our reality by a few millimetres and open up space for something else. 

Within us, this works.

Language and images foster us to open this rift within us. They open us up for the real existence of any possibility: We can be everything and everyone; Only substance, no form; We can exist as something abstract, sometimes gestural, then concrete and then again in detail. 

Figuratively or abstractly painted? Scribbling or writing-like drawing?Textualization of the painted or painted word? Linguistic fragments and ciphers complement the painterly composition; The linguistically significant complements  the painting and at once picturesquely supplements the written word. Words and painting- It only works together; It only works by complement. 

Sketches, drawings, colours and writing come together in our mind analogous to pictures, metaphors and linguistic frameworks.

We consist of ideas and thoughts that arise when we are reflected in our opposite. What is hidden behind vague mists, what are the thoughts of the adverted lady, what semantic lies behind linguistic fragments and ciphers and is the state of perfect happiness bleak and cold? 

What lies underneath the surface?

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